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Dental treatment abroad: cosmetic dentistry articles about dental implants, crowns and bridges for a healty smile.



The “Hollywood Smile” - Uncovering the Dental “Cap”

If you're like many nowadays who are on a tighter budget and looking to get a few new crowns or “caps” fitted, you may want to consider Zirconium “all-ceramic”, “all-white” crowns to get that super white “Hollywood Smile”.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about then consider two types of materials that are most frequently used today for making dental crowns: Porcelain-fused-to-metal (PFM) and Zirconium. You're probably most familiar with PFM as they are the most commonly recommended type of crown used by cosmetic dentistries today. The strong metal base makes them durable, while the porcelain covering gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance resembling natural teeth.

However, there are two small problems with PFM. The first is that because PFM has a metal base, it gives a slightly more murky appearance as light easily transmits through porcelain to the metal, which then reflects back a slightly less white appearance. The second is that as your gums recede with age, the metal base can become visible around the lower edges. This can ruin the aesthetic appearance all together and then you may have to consider replacing the crowns again.

Read more on this on budapest-implants.com dedicated to cosmetic dentistry in Hungary and feel free to ask if in doubt.

Why Zirconium? In recents years more and more cosmetic dentists have been recommending zirconium as an alternative to PFM. Zirconium is a white, strong material that gives similar strength and durability to PFM and its translucency matches that of your natural teeth even better than PFM, so you'll get the sparkling white smile you've wanted. Yes, they can cost quite a bit more, so if you're on a budget, ask about having PFM placed on the premolars and molars (back teeth) where strength and durability are most important for hard chewing and zirconium only on the front uppers and lowers – your smile teeth. The color difference is hardly detectable inside your mouth and besides your dentist who really every sees those teeth anyway.

You'll get your "Hollywood Smile” and by combining the two types of crowns you'll still make great savings!

Brought to you by Dr. Randy Simor

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