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Casino travel to the four corners of the globe

So you’re looking for places to play while you’re away? Great! After all, gambling to win is best done when relaxed and able to focus on the games and the money. Casino-themed travel is actually an excellent way to visit exotica all over the world as well, sampling luxury life and unique cultures while playing the games you love.

For those not looking for land-based outlest let us suggest a supreme online slots guide: vsd slot archive for USA players online.

For the true casino travel connoisseur, the following four locations represent the “bucket list” every gambling tourist should carry around. So how many have you been to?

Las Vegas. Virtually synonymous with the term “casino travel” (What else *do* they do in Las Vegas, anyway?) is good ol’ Sin City. Despite burgeoning favored destinations like some of those listed below, Las Vegas is destined to stay atop most gambling tourists’ wish lists. Millions of even casual gamblers worldwide and basically every single red-blooded American male see The Trip To Vegas as a rite of passage. To read articles on Las Vegas game options visit Purple Vegas the informational site dedicated to Vegas slots and other casino games online.

The real allure to Vegas, though, particularly since many come to the desert city with little or no interest in gambling – poker widows and blackjack widows know what I’m talking about here – is actually the trappings. Some of the best luxury hotels in the world are in Las Vegas, and the city most likely leads North American cities in the category per capita.

The city’s ill-conceived strategy to reboot itself in the 1990s as a family vacation site aside, Las Vegas still boasts innumerable distractions and vacation activity outside the casinos – even if you’re staying in a luxury casino hotel.

Monte Carlo. You want a serious location for casino travel first and foremost? Monte Carlo – the birthplace of roulette’s popularity – is your choice, particularly if you’re thinking luxury casino tourism. Aside from a local economy based more than perhaps any other in the world in gambling, there are also tourist events like ... the European final of the World Poker Tour. Or the World Backgammon Championship (really). How about sports? Habitual prize fights, auto racing and tennis take place here – and you can bet on them!

As for upper-class living while on vacation in Monte Carlo, well, where do you want to start? World-class hotels are all over the town (not to mention nearby Larvotto and Beausoleil) and activities include everything from days yachting to nights at the opera.

Macau. This autonomous region of China is known variously as “the Las Vegas of the East” or “the Monte Carlo of Asia,” and with good reason. After all, gambling has been legal there for over 150 years and, since the city of Macau has become of the very richest in the world, the casino travel and luxury markets are as strong there as at any point in the modern history of the place.

Today, Macau has 28 casinos, most of which are within huge casinos. Two of these casino hotels consist solely of “VIP” rooms and/or suites, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg in terms of catering to casino travelers. Though it’s a bit of a haul to get to Macau from the Northern Hemisphere (from London, it’s about 12 hours of flying; from New York, 16-plus; and from Moscow, just under 12), Macau represents a real merging in worlds: You’ll find scads of Chinese, Japanese and Hong Kong folks in addition to European and American tourists in Macau’s hot spots.

Australia. It is said that Australians spend more on gambling than folks of any other nationality in the world, it’s a gorgeous place to visit, and the local populace speaks English (albeit of a colorful sort): Now that’s a combination that makes for some good casino travel.

In terms of staying, the Crown Casino – now located within the Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne – is the first thought for luxury and just that plain old Las Vegas-style gee-whiz factor. (Seriously, a light show in the entry atrium? Wacky!) The casino complex packs some 350 table games and 5000 casino slot machines and video poker games. As though you couldn’t guess, the Crown is also well known as the largest hotel in all of Oceania.

After crowd, there are 17 other casinos in Oz – all of them big and most oversized in that characteristic Australian way. And one fantastic way to participate in some proper casino travel is on the Oceania Cruises, featuring two ships that can carry over 2,000 passengers and full-on casinos with 200 games each.


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